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fre. 21. jun.


Norgesporten, Kastellet

Koncert på Kastellet

Koncert i Norgesporten på Kastellet med Trio Interrogatio - vinderen af Stenbroens Open Call 2024.

Koncert på Kastellet
Koncert på Kastellet

Tid og sted

21. jun. 2024, 17.00 – 17.35

Norgesporten, Kastellet, Ved Norgesporten, 2100 København, Danmark

Om eventet

Barok møder folkemusik i denne koncert for nøgleharpe, barokbratsch og cembalo! Nøgleharpen, et traditionelt svensk strygeinstrument med tangenter, bliver normalt brugt i folkemusik, men vinder indpas i barokmusikken, hvor den tilfører en helt særlig klang.

Musikken er af Couperin, Rameau, C. P. E. Bach og Lassus og spilles af det internationale ensemble Trio Interrogatio. 

Om ensemblet:

"The ensemble focuses on early music, but considers historically informed performance practice as an invitation and a fulfilling excuse for musical conversation and inquiry, which is how the philosophy of the group and its name came to fruition.

Interrogatio (lat. interrogare: to ask, to question) refers to a rhetorical figure used in music of the 16th - 18th centuries, in which a question is posed and may be answered or not. The ensemble seeks to question many aspects of music:

Truth in interpretation with regards to historically informed performance practices of written and unwritten musical scores, as well as the origins and experiences of the players;

The communication of emotions and affections through the universal language of music which cannot be limited to a time period;

Aesthetic values ​​from past centuries which today find resonance and appreciation;

Personal imprint on interpretation with historical instruments.

The desire to ask questions (and of course to find answers) motivates the ensemble to search for intercultural musical exchange in the broadest sense. As a part of these explorations, improvisations ex tempore are one of the features that make the ensemble so special.

Ensemble Interrogatio performs mostly in Germany and Switzerland in various formations, from the core of the group to chamber music consort, and have won multiple prizes in renowned competitions for Early Music (Biagio-Marini Wettbewerb in Neuburg an der Donau, Gebrüder-Graun-Wettbewerb in Bad Liebenwerda)".

Koncerten finder sted i Norgesporten på Kastellet, hvor et hav af turister og lokale københavnere passerer hver dag. 

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